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PlumperPass Discount

What PlumperPass brings to the table is quality BBW that is thunderous in nature! This site is a mega site, which basically means lots of BBW porn that will keep you well entertained.

As with anything good, one must take things in moderation. What Plumper Pass does is that it gives you this material in a piece meal matter. The mega site has around six different sites i.e. Hot Sexy Plumbers, Plumbers at Play, BBW Dreams, First Time Fatties, etc. The homepage is easy to navigate and the updates roll in on a regular basis. There is even an update page that gives you current content.

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With the option of saving your favorites for your private BBW session, you have complete access to around 1616+ videos. If you want you can stream or download the movies and they are in various formats including 3gp, mp4, flash, windows. The videos are mostly in HD format and average around 40 minutes of playback.

There are 1500+ picture sets for members to peruse, each set has one hundred and thirty pictures. The pic reach a resolution of around 1600 by 1200p, which is high res. “Are your download instincts tingling?” Well simply download the ZIP file and see what kind of hardcore BBW the models get up to.


The updates make sure that you are adequately sated with BBW porn. Navigation is simple. Use the search engine, or the model index and find the niche or gal you want. Leaving comments or rating the material is child’s play and you can save your favorites.

“Do you want to see black BBW or some lesbian hardcore?” No problem when you are a member of PlumperPass discount network. The niches covered range from hardcore, lesbo, masturbating, to any BBW action that you want to see.

Plumper Pass makes BBW porn stand out and beckon you to come and watch. They focus on High Def material that makes all lovers of BBW so excited. If large is what makes you hard, then this is the site you need to belong to. Discount

Some people can mistake Network for a network but it is actually not. In fact, it is a website that does good on its own. Its one of those websites that has a good tour page that you hope the quality will stay that way when you become a member. It is a good thing this is one of those instances that does because you are in for some beautiful girls that does things you never thought would be possible.

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If your cock is hard as hell then this is the right place to let all that frustration out. You are going to find out that this website has not been around for a long time but they are proving so far they are here to stay. Navigation at the website is as easy as a piece of cake as you will find everything you need at the top of the main page.


The photo sets are impressive. You got the option to view them on a slide show or download them on a zip file whichever you are more comfortable with. Another option includes applying the discount in store for you. There are 183 models here and it is a mix of newcomers and veteran porn stars. The veterans are the ones you are used to seeing naked so their names are very familiar to the legions of porn fans out there.

The updates on come often as there are 5 scenes added each week. That is certainly something to look forward to when you come in expecting a lot of updates but don’t get a lot. The latest updates on the main page are time stamped and that would tell you this site is fairly new in the porn world. It is going to be tough to get recognized but the makers of babes network are certainly going to do it. The average porn fan would rave over the content here as they do deliver in terms of quality. You won’t feel sorry for yourself after becoming a member.

PornPros Discount

The people behind the scenes of PornPros network knows that if there is anything better than porn, it is lots of porn. There are 23 sites of different genres here and each of them contains hundreds of videos that would be more than enough to satisfy the average porn fan. Not only is there a variety of themes here but there is also a variety of girls who would love to do the dirty work when it comes to sucking, fucking and swallowing cum.

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There are black beauties that have the shape of a coconut and white girls who have the shape of a soda. You won’t be seeing the same faces over and over because the network brings you a bunch of girls that would make you masturbate until you cum several times. The variations of the girls here are noticed right away as they come from different backgrounds, colors and even languages. They all know one language though and that is the language of sex and everyone knows how fun that is.


On the main page of PornPros, you will find a trailer that will give you a preview of the contents. There are more than 7900 scenes here and that is a why a lot of people say this is the largest porn network on the planet. It is not going to be hard to navigate around the network as there is “home”, “search” and “sites” there where every site is listed down. Hard to avoid seeing is the pornpros discount cutting the price drastically. The main page of the members area is where the latest updates on the network are. Despite the fact that the network has a ton of content, the quality of the scenes can’t be overlooked. You will notice the overall quality of the videos are great which means they were made by professionals.

The overall quality of PornPros is good and there are even over 465,000 pictures in the entire network. When you click on a scene, you will notice it can be streamed so you can view it right away or it can also be downloaded in different formats. When you download it, it is divided into 8 parts so you can view the part you liked the most.