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DogFart network provides access to 22 quality websites. It is easy to navigate around each website as there is a huge selection on the main page. There are 3370 scenes and 2394 photo sets in total and that would be enough to get your porn cravings for over a year. Their websites have varied themes from black guys taking on blondes to lesbian action and even a girl who does nothing but have sex all of her life.

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You would enjoy all of the videos and you can’t blame yourself if you forget to check out the other websites since some of them are really good. The best one out of them has got to be Blacks on Blondes as it gained some worldwide recognition due to how some black dudes would nail the blonde girls there even if some of the girls are not yellow haired but they differ in skin color anyway. These guys have been doing it for 20 years and counting so you should not be surprised at how good the quality over here is.

The new videos in the DogFart network is in high definition but you won’t be satisfied with the quality of the old ones either.


There are only two websites in the network that is not dedicated to interracial porn so you will be completely satisfied if you are a fan of interracial porn. There are even a couple of gay sites for women who like to see guy on guy action. For straight guys, that won’t be a good sight to see. Some websites are not updating too often but the network is so big to make you not notice that. Some websites are even rotating their stuff but that is perfectly alright for new members. We are sure the DogFart discount we have will make you overlook the negatives.

The scenes on DogFart are going to be scenes you won’t forget for some time. They are going to be pleased that you recommended this network to them because there is enough content here for people who like different stuff. It is one of those porn sites that you can’t just let pass by without getting a glimpse of it.