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Back when I was thirteen, there was this building a couple blocks away from our home, which me and my brother had to be past by every afternoon going home from school. It seemed like an abandoned facade if only there weren’t a few people coming in and out through the rusty metal door it had for an entry. It was the massage place that had this suspicious looking banner on, depicting a woman hugging a man from aback. My imagination was kindled and then I remembered the hot chick from junior high, that she and I were doing what was on the banner. Point is, Nuru Massage strongly reminds me of my crazy teenage visualizations.

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It’s a porn site that holds great appeal to all sorts of porn fans. First of all, it is clear with its theme and Nuru Massage name. All the videos depict reality about some massage facilities of yesterday and today. More to the point, the dirty yet lovely aspect of it – the sexy masseuse either seduced by the guy or the masseuse provoking the guy to have a special session with her through the hour. The plot is very precise, too, which means if you have been trying to stir your imaginations about having sex in a massage center, you will get a good idea of what to do in order to make things happen when you’re on the spot.


There’s just so much to love about this porn hub. To begin with, there’s the diversity of the types of ladies. You don’t just get the usual Western Blonde or the Italian Brown, you get more such as busty Asian, booty Africans and so much along the line. There are over 250 movies to watch that run at 20 minutes each, and mind you, they are all executable in HD to make the experience more vivid. In addition, there are bonus materials every month along with dozens of photo galleries that you can surely reap out into your phone.

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