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Back when I was 13, I used to stash nude magazines underneath my mattress and I usually smuggled them with my bestie from his father who apparently was a big case of perv himself, too.

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Some of the best magazine issues were the Playboy ones for most of the time. I get to ogle the breasts of the most popular smokin’ hot stars as they were beacons in the sky. When I turned 18, the internet came and then gaming that competed with the consoles came, and then porn bonanza came! And then Playboy Plus came!

Playboy Plus is one of the best porn sites I have gone through by far. It is one of the sites that I visit every night to get some quality sleep, because yeah, quality porn equals the coziest sleep in the world. And don’t get it wrong, though, it is not in any way related to the whole Playboy Magazine thing. It’s just the whole theme is inspired from the magazine and in many ways it’s a better one for it does not recognize any “boundaries.” So, get all the naked stuff and flashing flesh all you want!


To be honest, Playboy Plus is among the most expensive porn sites I’ve come across. Usually, I pay only 19 dollars for a month of subscription, but this one is 10 dollars more expensive. Anyhow, I decided to stay with PP and you know why? Simply because it’s atypical and going by my own experience, unprecedented. All of the contents are genuine, the videos clear as frozen liquid. The babes, they shimmer like reflectors the Megaman Legends, their nipples make you drool like a monster, hungry like a fool. Nonetheless, the whole experience, I can assure you, would be nothing but cool. Take me as an example, as a tool.

While the monthly subscription runs for 29.99 a month, you can actually get a week of full trial experience just for a dollar. And if you want to save some dough over the long haul, then subscribe for the 90-day membership for 59.95 or the whole year membership for 119.88. Playboy Plus has got over 4300 full movies and counting, tons of picture sets and so much for all for the name of your perversion and sex action. Enjoy!